Spring 2014


Marketing, Emeritus Professor William Rudelius’ seminal textbook, has reached a publishing milestone. Counting hard copies, e-books, iPad versions, and international editions, more than 600,000 copies have been sold. And considering textbook rentals and multiple users through sales of used textbooks, about 1.25 to 1.5 million students around the world have used Rudelius’ book.

su_Marketing-Book“Around the world” is no exaggeration, as the book has been published in 20 international editions—it was one of the first western marketing textbooks to be printed in Russian. “Our Russian textbook was an ‘adaptation’ of our American one, meaning it was not a straight translation but that we inserted Russian examples and cases into our American chapters,” Rudelius says. About half of Marketing’s international editions are such adaptations.

Marketing was the first marketing textbook to introduce a number of technical innovations—from real-world video cases tied to written cases to QR codes to be scanned and linked to TV ads.

The American hardback edition is currently in its 12th edition, with the sixth edition of a paperback version to appear in January 2015. The McGraw-Hill books are co-authored with two of Rudelius’ former Carlson School students, Roger Kerin, ’70 MBA, ’73 PhD, now a professor at Southern Methodist University; and Steven Hartley, ’81 MBA, ’83 PhD, a professor at the University of Denver.

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