Spring 2014


You don’t always need to travel to campus to connect with your Carlson School! There could be a Corporate Alumni Club at your workplace. What is a Corporate Alumni Club, and how can you get involved? Read on.

What is a Corporate Alumni Club?

A Corporate Alumni Club is a group of Carlson School or University of Minnesota alumni who gather periodically to meet, network, learn, and connect with each other and the Carlson School. Each Corporate Alumni Club is different, depending on the group’s needs or interest areas.

What does a Corporate Alumni Club do?

Club members identify goals unique to their company or group. For example, some clubs focus on social or networking events such as happy hours, breakfast meetings, lunch-and-learns, and more. Other ideas include gathering at existing Carlson School events such as 1st Tuesday or to participate in Carlson School programs such as Undergraduate Mentorship. Each Corporate Alumni Club is unique—we want these organizations to be valuable for their members!

How do I get involved?

Reach out to carlsonalumni@umn.edu for the Corporate Alumni Club contact within your company. The Carlson School’s Alumni Relations team wants to make it easy for you to connect to your Carlson School. Consider joining or building a Corporate Alumni Club within your organization!

aw_Corporate-Alumni-Club_photoDean Sri Zaheer visits the Best Buy Corporate Alumni Club.

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